Website Issues and the future!

Hey everyone, it seems it has been a very long time since we have posted and kept you up to date with what is going on!

Well, first off I got a full time job working in a consumer electronic store as a sales associate. This shall help to do more jams and battles. I’m in the talk right now with a venue in Santa Barbara to set up a new battle. It will have a entry fee and will have 3 to 5 judges. It will also have the Standard Battle Format. The halt of things happening on the west coast was due to alot of financial trouble i’ve been going through for the last 2-3 years due to myself and other issues that were out of my hands. I do appreciate Zom-b and Mister Wobbles for doing their best on keeping the community alive!

So, the last 3-4 months I tried working on the website to update it and well…….I corrupted the files by messing with the behind the scenes files.  I finally fixed it and the website looks a little different from what it use to look like but still very close. The next step for States Of Beatbox is to start having bi-monthly jams/meet ups. We need to rekindle the community with all the new comers and everyone. That is what we shall do! We also will be releasing new videos through the month. We will also be fixing a release schedule for beatbox videos so people have a time and date to look forward to something new coming out!

Discord is a new voice program/website that will give us the ability to connect globally!!


So, I shut down the server on Ventrilo Months ago due to money issues and other related things. I’ve been playing games and heard people talking about this thing called Discord and i’m testing it. So here is the widget for websites if you guys want to check it out!

Also this is the website which our server is located. Click Here

2015 American Beatbox Championships!

Friday the 23rd will be the 2v2’s and loopstation battles. Sunday the 25th will be the top 16 beatbox battles! GET READY AND WATCH!

Watch live video from HONEYCOMBeatbox on

4th Annual Midwest Beatbox Battle


A month and a half away until Shut Your Mouth And Beatbox presents the 4th Annual Midwest Beatbox Battle. Here’s where you can register to battle, buy tickets and book a hotel. Going back to being an international tournament, this year proves to be one for the books. EIGHTY competitors have signed up for a chance to compete in the TOP 16. Special thanks to My Best Friend’s Party and BTV.

2015 Beatbox Battle World Championships

What marked the 4th in its history, the 2015 Beatbox Battle World Championships took place in Berlin, Germany this past weekend.

Do check out the live streams from Day 1 and Day 2. Or go straight to the Finals with this playlist.

Congratulations to the Winners:
Men’s World Champion: Alem (France)
Men’s Vice World Champion: NaPoM (USA)
Women’s World Champion: Kaila Mullady (USA)
Women’s Vice World Champion: Sparx (Canada)
Tag Team World Champions: Twenteam’8 (France)
Tag Team Vice World Champions: 4xSample (Germany)
Crew World Champions: Beatbox Collective (UK)
Crew Vice World Champions: Under Kontrol (France)

We are sure to see a flood of videos from Swiss Beatbox, Beatbox TV and of course Beatbox Battle TV

An eternal thank you to Bee Low for building the global beatbox community up.

World Championship Live Streams!!!!

DAY 29!
Livestream link inside here!

Day 30!! The Top 16 of Male,Female, and the Tag Team Battles!

How to connect Ventrilo

Hey everyone,

This new tutorial video is for beatboxers who want to join the online beatbox community!

Download Link


Beat the Heat 2

Another installment of Beat the Heat happened this past weekend in Phoenix Arizona at the Monarch Theatre. Judges included Arizona’s OG beatboxer Element, Tyo. From only 8 competitors in September to a full 16 on March 28th, Arizona’s beatbox scene is growing with each passing month. Videos will be uploaded onto American Beatbox Archive. Congratulations to Crackbone for the W and many thanks to Worth the Weight for the opportunity to shine the light on beatbox at their event.

Website Under Construction.

The Website is Under Construction for the time being. Be on the lookout for new reviews,a beatbox radio station, and much more!