2015 Beatbox Battle World Championships

What marked the 4th in its history, the 2015 Beatbox Battle World Championships took place in Berlin, Germany this past weekend.

Do check out the live streams from Day 1 and Day 2. Or go straight to the Finals with this playlist.

Congratulations to the Winners:
Men’s World Champion: Alem (France)
Men’s Vice World Champion: NaPoM (USA)
Women’s World Champion: Kaila Mullady (USA)
Women’s Vice World Champion: Sparx (Canada)
Tag Team World Champions: Twenteam’8 (France)
Tag Team Vice World Champions: 4xSample (Germany)
Crew World Champions: Beatbox Collective (UK)
Crew Vice World Champions: Under Kontrol (France)

We are sure to see a flood of videos from Swiss Beatbox, Beatbox TV and of course Beatbox Battle TV

An eternal thank you to Bee Low for building the global beatbox community up.

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